The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program For Women

If there is one struggle that is common among women across the world, it is the struggle against weight gain. Weight gain in most cases result in the city and create complicated health issues most important factor being unhealthy eating habits and pedantry lifestyle. Venus factor provides an excellent factor solution and health maintaining healthy weight in a long-term

A lifestyle that does not include eating healthy or exercising on a regular basis can only bring dangerous side effects. The risk of getting stroke and any other cardio vascular disease increase with increase in weight. Biologically, it is difficult for women to lose weight in comparison to men. This is because of the Leptin hormone and Venus factor focuses on this hormone to help reduce weight.

Losing belly fat and maintaining a healthy weight for longer term is possible if one is able to control the core issues of weight gain. In women, one of the main reasons for causing abnormal weight gain in specific areas of the body is the Leptin hormone. It can be easily controlled or regulated by following Venus factor diet. 

What is Hypothyroidism?

With the advent of new diseases and respective solutions marking a breakthrough on our everyday’s life in the world of medical science, one of the fast growing concerns amidst this section is Hypothyroidism. Basically, Hypothyroidism is a condition wherein the improper functioning of the thyroid gland results in lower distribution of hormones across the human body. (Ref:

Although a number of symptoms could aid in giving out evident information on the existence of this special condition that include hair loss, dry skin, reduced body temperature, irregular menstrual cycles and the like, the result of Hyperthyroidism is lowering of one’s Metabolism. With a number of women being affected by insufficiency of thyroid hormones arising out of Hypothyroidism which leads to weight gain, a few simple yoga methods could help the feminine gender keep in shape and manage this thyroid disease.